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Kinloss Tract

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If you’re visiting Lucknow stop by for a quick ride or walk.
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Seasonal Use: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Fee Required? No, free to use.
Other Features: Double Track, Single Track
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Name: Kinloss Tract Trails
Address: 956 South Kinloss Ave, Lucknow, ON
Mailing Address: 30 Park St, Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0

Kinloss Tract Photos



Brant Tract picture

Brant Tract

pin icon Paisley


The Brant was our first property developed for multiuse activities and remains one of our most popular and diverse properties.

Carrick Tract picture

Carrick Tract

pin icon Mildmay


The Carrick Tract has some of the best hand built MTB single tract in the county.

Albermarle Tract picture

Albermarle Tract

pin icon Wiarton


Locally know as the Albermarle Tract, this property is well known for its abundance of rock and technical riding.