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Forester Bridge

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Located just outside of Paisley, this is a very popular point of entry for the Saugeen River, you will most likely see lots of fisherman along this access point.
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Seasonal Use: Spring, Summer, Fall
Fee Required? No, free to use.
Other Features: Canoe Access, River Access, Three-Season
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Name: Canoe Access #10
Address: 3501 Bruce Rd 3, Paisley, ON
Mailing Address: 30 Park St, Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0

Forester Bridge Photos



Ellengowen Bridge picture

Ellengowen Bridge

pin icon Paisley


The river continues its slow relaxed pace through several sharp bends before this section comes to a steel covered bridge just outside the hamlet of Ellengowan.

Saugeen River Canoe Access #6 picture

Saugeen River Canoe Access #6

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Located on a busy road, this access point is about a 10-minute drive from Walkerton, where you will find many restaurants and shops.

Denny’s Dam picture

Denny’s Dam

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This Conservation Area is roughly 1.5 km upstream from the mouth of the Saugeen River. The property includes approximately 1.5 km of river frontage and is well known for its fabulous fishing